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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  January 13, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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national guard in oakland. roberta does wx teas rising violence, dwindling police department. calls to bring out the national guard in oakland. for the second day in a row we are anticipating record cold here in the bay area. our coldest locations with our pinpoint forecast. calls for stricter gun control legislation are getting louder. how tough is it really to get anything gun related in congress. good evening. it is cold, and it is going to get colder overnight. temperatures dipped into the 20s earlier this morning we are expecting to see more of the same tonight. change is coming.
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roberta. good evening everybody the only thing that would come into play that would hamper that from happening is the wind currently has been picking up, mixing up the atmosphere. right now clear skies, temperature 43, livermore jumped up to 44 due to a north wind. santa rosa, calm, 34 degrees. now tonight, overnight we are talking temperatures colder than last night when we had a record low in san jose of 26. tonight, 25 degrees. notice the low 20s in santa rosa, 24 in livermore and freezing around the central bay, for the fourth consecutive night we have a freeze warning in effect for that red highlighted area, encompassing the north and east bay, santa clara valley. most of the east bay under a frost advisory. we see a little bit of light or warmth at the end of this stretch of cold days. when you can anticipate that still coming up later on in
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this newscast. ann. >> thank you. backyard plants and ones that end up on your dinner plait are about to endure -- dinner plate are about to endure another night of freezing temperatures. people who run nurseries are also sweating out the cold weather. this landscape supply company owner said he was able to salvage some of his trees. >> we moved our citrus trees our young ones, under cover, the night before last. >> farmers and gardeners in southern california have a couple more days of freezing temperature it is cold snap there isn't expected to break until tuesday. six more shootings in oakland. this afternoon a happen was shot and taken to hospital -- a man was shot and taken to hospital. the latest was tonight. five people were shot outside a house where a party was going on none of them suffered life threatening injuries. the latest shootings do not appear related to the violence that left four people dead in
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oakland on friday. some officials says the time to declare a state of emergency in this city. >> reporter: it has been a violent stretch of shootings, first, friday night with what police characterize as an ongoing battle between two groups left four people dead. then yesterday, three more shootings, city leaders have had enough and are considering declaring oakland in a state of emergency. >> i think not only a state of emergency but we need to call out, reach out to other law enforcement, if the u.s. marshalls, sheriff, state police that is what oakland needs to be able to deal with this crime issue. >> is the next step then also so you can call in the national guard to help? >> whatever it takes to deal with our crime issue. >> reporter: in this new year, there have already been six homicides last year there were 131, the most in the city in six years and major crimes are up 23%.
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some oakland residents are fed up enough they are willing to look at soldiers patrolling >> anything, we would be open to any ideas. >> reporter: open to it? >> yes to keep the violence out? of course. >> i am okay with that. let's do it. let's do it. two thumbs up on that. let's do it. >> it has been such a violent weekend, city leaders as well as oakland police are drafting up a plan now with different scenarios and hope to have an announcement by tomorrow. linda yee cbs 5. the possibility of stricter gun laws is said to be the reason big crowds are showing up at gun shows across the country. those who spoke with ann makovec said they will do everything to protect their 2nd amendment right. >> reporter: a weekend of unprecedented atten dense at the cross roads of the west gun show. >> looks like the current political climate created artificial demand. >> reporter: thousands of people waited in long lines to
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buy gunaccessories. >> let's, get ourselves over here and see what is there before they change any of those laws. >> reporter: lawmakerrings are considering -- lawmakers are considering stricter gun and ammo laws after last year's mass shooting. >> it is a knee jerk reaction by politicians. >> reporter: california already has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. no one is able to walk away with a new gun from the show today. there is a 10 day waiting period you have to pass a rigorous background check. some lawmaker want to expand our laws nationwide. >> all i am asking in congress and what i am supporting is a bill that asks the rest of the country to follow a bill that california already demands, no capacity beyond ten rounds. >> not everyone agree s with the liberal agenda. >> reporter: owner bob temple
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on the holds gun shows in four states and doesn't want to see the nation go the way of the golden state. >> it is cumbersome i wouldn't endorse it, it is a little bit more difficult to do business. >> reporter: todd baits lives in brent wood but is from arkansas. >> how do you think that would go over? >> it wouldn't. >> reporter: as the fight in congress begins. >> we talk about reasonable gun safety measures i have been a big supporter of that and already working with my freshman colleagues to take measures to protect the second amendment but reduce gun violence in america. >> reporter: in daily city, ann makovec. debate has intensified since 20 children and 6 adults were shot to death at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. john nap takes a look behind
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the argument. >> reporter: the tragedy at sandy hook may have as vice president biden has said, forever changed the american political climate. >> i don't think anything has touched the heart of the american people so profoundly as seeing those and learning of those young children, not only being shot but riddled with bullets. >> reporter: even this tragedy may not guilty over ride the un- - may not over ride the unspoken issues that may under lay the debate. in one case, sandy hook is being exploited. >> there is some truth to that because on a place like oakland we had 131, 132 murders last year, they were not proposing gun bands, belying the fact that children were killed here too. >> if you are going to solve the problem there is two things you have to do, get to the root of the problem and virtually in all these cases that is a mental health problem.
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we have a mental health system that is collapsed and second you have to provide security. >> honest to goodness i think the real culprit here has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with a deep sin simple and distrust of government this is a political problem that we have. >> reporter: for many, the gun is the last symbol of personal acon the my. >> they hear -- acon the my. >> they hear you are going to take that away from you. they would be able to revoke against that government if they ever become tyrannical. >> reporter: what would it take to get an agreement on limiting the killing power of guns. >> having an open dialogue, doing that over an extended period of time and making it about more than just guns. building trust back in
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government eventually reduces the reason that most gun owners who don't trust, don't want to have them in the first place. >> reporter: with americans practically split down the middle about trusting government, this will take a long time, if it can been done at all. more than a dozen people at the san jose health say a chemical order made them sick. they complained about irritated throateyes. fire and hazmat were called in air quality tests came up negative. whatever was making people sick apparently cleared up on its own. no one was taken to hospital. one year ago today, pleasure turned to pandemonium on a cruise ship. the costa concordia ran aground, killing 32 people including two americans. today was a day for remembrance for survivors and relatives who
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returned to the island. >> reporter: they gathered near the crippled costa concordia and flew flowers into the water to honor their loved ones. they watched as a piece of the rock that tore a hole in the ship was lowered back into the sea. it marked the one year anniversary, with a day of remembrance. 32 people died when the luxury liner hit a reef and died near this tiny island off the us the can coast. among the dead, a minnesota couple. their children came to remember and to attend a memorial mass. >> a chance for the families to get together. a lot of these people have made friends with each other. >> reporter: the same church where many survivors spent the night after being evacuated. many made their own way back to take part. these french survivors came to honor the waiter on the
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concordia, who hell ped them escape -- helped them escape. >> she said i have to be here because he saved our lives. his body is still missing his brother wants to bury him in his native india. >> i hope they find something, so i am hoping in the next 6 months, 8 months, 10 months, 1 year. >> reporter: the day came to an end at 9:45 p.m. with a minute of silence to mark the exact moment, the ship slammed into the reef. cbs news. they could strike at any time. destructive earthquakes. how are historical landmarks protected from crumbling. the high tech way to preserve them even if flattened. sights and sounds hockey fans have been waiting to hear for months. the sharks take to the ice with hundreds eager for the puck to drop ,,,,,, ,,,,
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and wh living in california means live being the reality an earthquake could hit at any moment. while much has been done to shore up modern structures, landmarks are at particular risk. alan martin shows us thanks to an east bay nonprofit they could be preserved even if the entire structure is destroyed. >> reporter: it is where 18th century architecture meets 20th century technology. mission delore built in 1776. archaeologists came to take a digital footprint of all
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california's missions made possible by a machine like this one. >> it will pulse out 50,000 laser pulses every second. >> reporter: taking 3d images of every nook and cranny and able to capture pictures of structures and paintings behind walls. >> best way to do conservation is know exactly what you have. this allows us to record more accurately than before. >> reporter: the curator can trace his family roots back to the construction. >> my ancestors built this building. i also wonder what they would think about me being here now,
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responsible for dusting them, interpreting them and now preserving them for the future. >> reporter: he feels gratified to be part of this documentation which could ensure the
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longevity. >> here in san francisco, earthquake happened, building collapsed [ audio difficulty ]
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stay put over the inland areas as well as central bay. otherwise, fog should develop in the mid-section of the week
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and throughout sacramento, modesto. 37 degrees after beginning at 15 below, tonight 18 below, our highs, in the 50s, a few 40s still. will take awhile to warm up. a range of 47 to 53 degrees mainly in the low 50s. you will notice by wednesday we start to notice the seasonal high of 60 in our inland areas, not until wednesday night will we realize those lows over that freezing point. tonight will be brutal. thank you appreciate it. there were more goose bumps than you might expect on a bart train expected packed with people. passengers were encouraged to ride bart fully dressed except for their pants.
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they are however expected to wear underwear nudity is forbidden. what is this about? >> no protest no message just out having a good time in a crazy city in the middle of winter. >> the no pants ride began in new york in 2002 it is now international with riders in 59 cities around the world going pantless. hockey players are back on the ice now that the nhl season is no longer on ice. they have settled differences following a 113 day lock out. pat shows us sharks fans are
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ready to give their team a warm welcome back >> reporter: the wait is finally over, hundreds of sharks fans showed up to watch their beloved team on the ice, for the first time in months. late last night players and owners officially ended the
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lock out. >> sucked. >> reporter: tim doesn't mince words he said the lock out lock
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locked him inside and effected him financially he was going to
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open his chocolate store in san jose. >> we didn't open our business downtown san jose we saw it coming. we opened elsewhere. >> wish they got the full season. >> kim missed it. >>
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the seahawks erased a 20 pot halftime deficit against the falcons, and they go ahead one on this marshawn lynch into the lynch fumbled it but video review shows he already
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broke the plane, with 13 seconds left...the falcons in fieldl range...pete carroll calls a timeout right before matt bt missed his kick...but bryant nailed the one that counted...the falcons avoidn epic collapse and win 30-28o the 49ers will pack their bags for atlanta onto afc where it will be a remah of last year's championship game...tom brady threw 3 touchdowns, 2 to cal product shane vereen, 41-28r the texans...ravens and pats next sunday night warriors denver, they led by 8 headi into the 4th where it was a complete meltdown...ty lawsn the layup drill...warriors outscored 38-17 in the final quarter...those faces tell all...116-105 warriors lose the cal women got revenge on their bay area rival...brittany boyd one o6 cal threes on the day...67- 55...stanford loses for the second straight time at maples...and their 82 game conference win stre snapped thanks, dennis that does it for eyewitnesss
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at 10. remember- the news is always on c-b-s s-f com.,,,,,,


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